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Some pictures of RID stallion's.

  • Grange Bouncer RID- Sire of our Splodge, he is 16.3hh with 9" bone and is a grade A showjumper and intermediate eventer so is a real performance sire. He has just had his first son approved as RID in Ireland, Moylough Bouncer. Grange Bouncers dam, Grange Heather, was a full sister to the RID stallions Paddys Pride and The Squire who stood in the UK- all by Kilmore Heather ex Casting Vote x Tara.

  • Ben Purple RID- Grandsire of Tiddy, he has had a profound affect on the Irish Draught breed being the sire of no less than 10 RID stallions: Clontoo Lad, Lissarda Star, Purple Heather, Powerswood Purple, Holycross, Ben Ross, Ben Calverstown, Snowford Benson, Torspark Benedict and The Bard. Ben Purple was born in 1965 and was a 16.3hh grey horse with 10" bone. He was a tremendous short coupled horse and was said to have had the 'perfect Draught head'.

  • Amber Legend RID- Sire of our Amber, he was born in 1989 and was 16.3hh with 10" bone. He sadly has no sons on the register but Barracaberry Orbit RID stands in Lancashire who is also by O'Sullivan so thankfully the influence of this bloodline can still be seen. Both Amber Legends dam and Grand-dam were hornby premium and champion mares. His dam Crofters Diamond produced many county winners including the select hornby premium and champion mare Irish Charm x Mountain Prince. Similarly his grand-dam, Crofters Golden Heather, was the dam of the RID stallion Crofters Realm also by Mountain Prince and the select hornby premium mare Brockvale Silver Heather.

  • O'Sullivan RID- Sire of Amber Legend, he was born in 1982 and was a 16.3hh grey horse with 10" bone. O'Sullivan was a full brother to the well known prolific RID stallion Grey Macha also by Pride of Toames. Their dam Ballybane Grace was an outstanding type of Draught who was phenomenally successful in the showring in Ireland being a Dublin, Kerrygold and Greenvale Champion. All her sons were approved as stallions the 3rd one being Ballybane Shamrock IDSH x Chair Lift(TB) who stands in Cheshire.

  • Copper King RID- Sire of Tumbles, he was by the famous stallion King Of Diamonds. Born in 1978 and a dark chestnut, he stood 16.3hh with 9 1/2" bone and was known for his showjumping ability. He sadly died in 2006 and leaves no sons on the register to carry on his line. Interestingly, his dam side breeding goes back to Woodranger via Mount Loftus as do both Tiddy and Amber.

  • Ladys Tralee Raj RID- The sire we have chosen for our 2008 foals, Raj is a great example of his type with tremendous presence and bone which is hard to find. He was born in 1991 and is by the black stallion Touch of the Blues who is now in America, standing 17hh with 10" bone. We have seen many of his progeny and he is really stamping his stock which is a sign of a good stallion. We look forward very much to our foals by him.

  • Tobias Corbett RID- The sire we have chosen for our 2009 foals. He was born in 1986 and is by the RID stallion Slyguff Hero who was a full brother to King of Diamonds. Interestingly Tobias himself had a full brother, Silvermine Hero RID, who stood for many years in the UK. We think he is an outstanding type of draught combining over 10" of bone with cracking presence, quality, movement and the best shoulder we have ever seen! He is the sire of the young RID stallions Hillviewfarm Superstar and Hillviewfarm Trevelyan. We very much hope that our girls take in foal to him as we would be very excited to see the resulting progeny, which would be guaranteed chestnut!

  • Glenagyle Rebel RID- 16.2hh, Sire of our Rebel Rose and the saviour of the Prince Henry line. Known for great movement and jumping ability he was a successful International Grade A showjumper and also sire of stallion sons Huntingfield Rebel and Rebelara who both now have dynasties of their own. He left excellent quality stock and his mares are known for being good mothers. Owned and bred by the Suma stud he spent his later years in South Africa and died in 2007.

    These are all very different types and clearly show the diversity to be found within the breed. It is very interesting to see how many of the top stallions from prolific bloodlines stamp their stock. In particular King of Diamonds, Pride of Shaunlara, Ben Purple and Legaun Prince can be well identified for their individual traits especially in the head and limbs of their progeny. It is amazing really how these traits survive many, many generations and how similar the modern day stallons are to their ancesters. Of course this rule also applies to poor traits and this too has shown through in some modern day sires(to remain nameless)! A very important part for us in learning about this wonderful breed is to view as many stallions from different lines as possible and to see the youngstock classes at shows to gain an understanding of what each stallion throws to a variety of mares. Through this knowledge and 'sight' of the stock and their progeny you can make an informed decison as to what is the best cross for your mare.

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